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    University District, Shenzhen pilot school district made a runaway housing prices rose one million month
    Release time: 2015-7-11 13:00:00
    This year, the New Deal stimulated and education reform "university district system" under the combined effect of the pilot, the Shenzhen popular area of primary and secondary school school district housing the cumulative increase of 50% -80%. Now, in the eyes of parents, "fight relationship, fight Mathematical Olympiad" school choice method useless, bought a school district as soon as possible is the "benevolent."

    Shenzhen school district housing prices soar

    "Some house-month rise million"

    This year, the first-tier cities real estate market to pick up signs, housing prices in Shenzhen is to enter the "surge" phase. National Bureau of Statistics data show that in May 2015, 70 cities in Shenzhen, new housing chain or highest, reaching 6.7%. Shenzhen is the only city prices rose year on year increase of 7.7%.

    "Over the last two months, the rapid rise in trading volume, the school district house selling is driven by factors that can not be ignored." Every family group deputy general manager of Shenzhen Shun Yang said, "This year, Shenzhen popular area of the school district housing the cumulative increase of 50 percent - 80%, and some houses up about a month even one million. "

    "In the focus of flowers Area School District country house Garden City, for example, years ago, the area of 44 square meters of single apartment total no more than 4.5 million yuan, close to 10 yuan per square meter. Now the price has more than 5.8 million yuan. Short short months, its price reached the 130,000 yuan one square meter. "Yang told reporters.

    It is understood that the school district housing on the market demand, prices have gone up, spend millions to buy the school district room is not unheard of thing. Shenzhen, Wang told reporters that she will own the house, Luohu District, 300 million sold, "and then go around to borrow money, and finally scrape together 10 million yuan in the central area of Shenzhen Xiangmihu Area School District house purchase, as is send their children to 'elite' Fukuda Foreign Language Primary School film area. "

    "University district system" put the university area

    "Look who the school district room to grow exponentially."

    Reporters learned that this year, Shenzhen in order to promote equality of education, from 2015 began to explore the trial, "the university district system" enrollment system. Shenzhen City Bureau of Education Division of Basic Education, responsible person, "the university district system" based on "relatively nearby, fairly balanced the degree of education, the school is relatively concentrated, nine-year counterpart" requirements, combined with the actual situation of the district, to explore the community, streets Set the university area to area. School-age children to school, parents can volunteer in the school district for their children to enroll in school 2-3, according to the order and the high and low points in turn voluntary admission.

    Under the guidance of this rule, "university district system" to expand the elite surrounding school district housing range. The original intention of the system is based on "random" the importance of a range of prestigious school district room is reduced, so that the school district is becoming balanced. However, a balanced education can not be achieved overnight, but high-quality public stage degree gap is too large, "university district system" to expand the scope of the school district, more parents get to compete for the "elite" ticket qualifications, thus driving the school district housing prices in the university area broad linkage.

    A parent reporters were interviewed said: "Put the University area, in fact, strengthen the school district system, the prestigious competition is more intense, such as Bao'an District, after the university district to implement, near Bao'an Middle School originally did not belong to Baoan secondary school district can be. apply for admission, then the parents will be making every effort. "

    Moreover, according to the rules of school integration, the applicant purchase the appropriate school district house, real estate license issuing time each month before, an increase of 0.1 points, 10 points capped. This means that parents not only to buy, but also to buy a house as soon as possible.

    "During this time, people look at the school district room to grow exponentially, 70% of people buy a house for the children to school in the last couple of years into account. Some customers just married school district began to consider the issue. After all, the lower the down payment, and for personal use and investment demand have emerged out. "Key School Shenzhen Futian Area Bagualing Area sales manager of a real estate broker 史银锋 he said.

    School district cooling to room

    Shall expedite the implementation of a balanced education

    Interviewed parents and experts believe that the school district Shenzhen housing prices soared, in essence, is a big shortfall caused by high-quality educational resources, the problem is the fundamental way to accelerate and promote a balanced education, and encourage the full development of private schools.

    Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau data show that in 2015 the number of Primary One places the city of more than 120,000 applications, a small degree of public schools to provide about 80,000, notch public school position is more than 40,000. To produce a plurality price Housing Area School District, Futian District, for example, "primary school graduating class of 2015 will be released less than 11 000 places, compared to the number of applicants, the gap for the 4500 degree." Futian District Education Bureau chief Chen Mingyu He said.

    Many education experts believe that in the long term, should encourage the full development of private schools, public schools break thriving status, so that more good schools appear.

    According to Xinhua News Agency

    (Beijing Times)


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    Official Website sweep the two-dimensional code So you get a surprise
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